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Boatyard & Marina Guide



Boatyard and Marina Guide


Trinidad and Tobago Yacht Club - is situated just minutes from downtown Port of Spain and within walking distance of one of the larger malls on the island.  Also there is a Shopping Plaza just across the street from our facility with grocery, banking, doctor’s offices and pharmacy, and restaurants.  Our facility offers 60 in-water berths, security, cable TV, Interserv link-up and telephone service upon request.  We also have a well stocked bar and restaurant located in our Clubhouse.

Tel: (868) 633-7420  /  Fax: (868) 633-6388

Website: www.trinidadandtobagoyachtclub.com  /  E-mail: ttyc@tstt.net.tt



Aikane - Specialising in repair and refit for catamarans.  Haul-out and storage.  Trailer for hauling. Hauling and launching trailer, 24 hr security, electricity available 110/220.  A variety of repairs: Fibreglass and interior refurbishment amongst other repairs. Specializing in Catamaran repairs, with specific knowledge on Catanas, Foutaine Pajots, etc. Has the experience in boat building having launched the 1st Aikane 56 in 2000.

Tel: (868) 634 4060  /  Fax: (868) 634 4061  /  E-mail: aikane@tstt.net.tt



Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association - Full service haul-out yard, 15-ton marine hoist, moorings, bar and snack bar, office services, laundry, repair shed, water, ice, superb anchorage. 

Sailing School” Harts Cut, P. O. Box 3140, Carenage.  Tel:  (868) 634-4210/4519

Fax: (868) 634-4376  /  Website: www.ttya.org  /  E-mail: setsail@ttsailing.org



Tropical Marine Ltd. - 30 in-water berths, water, electricity, office services, retail shops, fibreglass material, fibreglass repair, diving equipment, tools, wind generators, restaurant.  Calmest Bay in Chaguaramas.

Tel: (868) 634-4502  /  Fax: (868) 634-4453  /  E-mail: tropicalmarineltd@hotmail.com



Coral Cove Marina Hotel Limited  - Full Service haul -out facility, 60 ton marine travel lift, Berths to accommodate, up to 90ft mono hull, 54ft catamaran, Electricity, Water, Telephone, Cable TV, Special long term storage, 14 Hotel rooms with kitchen facilities, modern clean baths, H/C Showers,  Laundromat H/C water, swimming pool, restaurant, Private Storage rooms, Two Ship Chandlery Shops, Tool Rental Shop. For do it yourself Repairs, Skill Personnel and Labour, available to assist.

Tel: (868) 634 - 2040  /  Fax: (868) 634 - 2248  /  Standby VHF 6

Website: www.coralcovemarina.com   E-mail: coralcove@fibreline.tt



Sweetwater Marina - Med-style berths, water, electricity, showers and laundry. 

Tel/Fax: (868) 634-4046  /  Standby VHF 68  /  E-mail: sweetmarina@tstt.net.tt



Power Boat Mutual Facilities Ltd.- Haul - out and storage, 50-ton marine hoist, stern-to-dock space, marine supplies, restaurant and bar, ice, office services, osmosis repairs, woodworking, upholstery work, sail repairs, fibreglass repairs, fuel tank cleaning, boat storage, laundromat, water and electricity, fuel, apartments, grocery, showers and toilets, welding, painting, skilled maintenance, local teak.”

Chaguaramas Bay, P. O. Box 3163, Carenage.

Tel: (868) 634-4303 / Fax: (868) 634-4327

Website: www.powerboats.co.tt  /  E-mail: pbmfl@powerboats.co.tt  /  Standby VHF 72



Peake Yacht Services - Full Service haul-out facility, 150 ton marine hoist (capable of beams to 31 feet), in-water berths, security, on-site chandlery, hotel, restaurant and bar, grocery, Laundromat, hot showers, water, electricity, satellite TV, yacht brokerage, storage, first class accredited contractors, marine grade services.

Chaguaramas Bay, P. O. Box 3168, CarenageTel: (868) 634-4423 / Fax: (868) 634-4387

Website: www.peakeyachts.com  /  E-mail: pys@cablenett.net / Standby VHF Ch 69



IMS Yacht Services -Full service haul-out and storage yard with a 70 ton marine hoist, dingy dock .  Raised concrete platform with water and 110/120v.  Facilities include a paint shop, chandlery, sail loft, rigging shop, laundry, restaurant and bar, multi-lingual personnel and office services.  Skilled craftsmen are available for epoxy, fibreglass, gel coat, and OSMOSIS repair, as well as woodworking, mechanical, welding, sandblasting and corrosion protection.

Tel: (868) 625-2104/5  /  Fax: (868) 634-4437/4329

E-mail: imsyacht@tstt.net.tt  /  Standby VHF 68










Yacht Services Association of Trinidad & Tobago

CrewsInn Hotel & Yachting Centre

P.O. Box 2852, TT Post, Chaguaramas, Trinidad, W.I.

Tel: (868) 634-4938  /  Fax: (868) 634-2160

Email:  info@ysatt.org  /  ysatt@tstt.net.tt  /  thebay@ysatt.org



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