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Customs & Immigration - The BEST news is that there are NO FEES for immigration and customs when entering or leaving T&T during normal working hours for stays of up to three months! However there is a small fee called Navigation Dues of TT$50 (about US$8) per month that is charged only while the boat is in the water.


General Information - Protocol dictates that when vessels enter a foreign port for pratique, a quarantine flag (yellow "Q" flag) must be displayed from the starboard spreader until cleared by immigration. To show proper courtesy, the host country’s national flag must be flown replacing the "Q" flag, at the starboard spreaders after clearing-in for the duration of your stay. Please show respect for Trinidad and Tobago by displaying the courtesy flag properly and ensure that it is in good condition. (If you do not have a flag, one may be purchased locally at a very reasonable price.)

Regulations state that once a vessel enters the territorial waters of T&T, the vessel must come alongside the immigration/customs jetty and may not proceed to any marina or anchorage without permission. Anchoring or discharge of crew or passengers prior to check-in is a fineable offence and is prohibited. The master and all the crew (and passengers) must proceed immediately first to immigration and then on to customs. “Immediately” means “No Delays” and applies everyday (including official holidays) at any hour of the day or night. There are NO FEES for immigration or customs if one clears-in during normal working hours. There are, however, the first month's Navigation Dues, which will be collected upon entry. To avoid Overtime Fees, it is best to schedule your arrival within normal working hours.

Normal immigration and customs business hours are from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday (closed 12noon-1pm) except weekends and public holidays, however booth offices are open 24 hours a day, everyday. Overtime fees apply outside of normal business hours. The following is a table of overtime and other fees:


Fee Schedule Fees in TT$
Overtime Arrival 159.88
Overtime Departure 136.68
Overtime Exam. (weekdays) 106.58
Overtime Exam. (weekends & public holidays) 106.58
Navigation Dues (upon entry) 50 for 1st month
Navigation Dues 50/month (500/year max)
Overtime 100
Extensions (Commonwealth & EU) 100/passport
Extensions (USA, others) 150/passport (Incl. 50 Visa Waiver)
Extensions (Caricom) 50/passport


Normally, checking-in or checking-out entails showing proof of ownership of the vessel, completing forms, stamping passports, etc., however all boats are subject to inspections (a local expression is -”rummaging”) at the discretion of customs or Coast Guard officials.

Immigration usually grants a ninety-day stay in the country upon entry. If it is anticipated that you will have extensive maintenance on the boat, or you are expecting visitors, or just wish to include an important event (such as Carnival) during your stay in Trinidad & Tobago, you may request an extension of up to 180 days. If granted, you will have to pay for a Visa Waiver ($50.00 which is valid until you clear-out) (see Fee Schedule above).



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